Day 1

This was my first day for no meat November and it was successful! I ate what I generally eat. Hopefully when my family is eating meat I won’t be tempted to taste what they are having. I don’t think this is going to be as life altering as originally thought. We’ll see though!

Day 2

This was my second day in my No Meat November journey and I felt that it went well.  I had a veggie burger for lunch, but thought that it was a hamburger which was disappointing. Thankfully it was a veggie burger when I took a second look at it. It would have been really tempting if it was a hamburger, which made me think of all the little things you have to be conscious about when eating.

Day 3

Today, I went out for lunch and was about to order a chicken sandwich, until I reminded myself that I wasn’t eating meat. Consciousness of what your eating seems to be key to vegetarianism. I don’ think I’ve been getting a lot of iron or protein either in the past couple of days. I did eat a few peanut M & M’s, but that was the extent of my protein. I haven’t been eating leafy greens or lentils either. I guess I’ll have to eat a lot of hummus and chili to make up for my lack of protein.

Day 4

Hello, today I didn’t even need to be very conscious. I am realizing that my everyday diet is already mostly vegetarian. I haven’t been feeling different either and I don’t know if that is a good thing. I think I may be already lacking nutrients you gain from meat.

Day 5

Today I discovered the importance of doing a little bit of research before jumping into a diet like vegetarianism. At lunch today, I ate a poutine. Only after finishing it, I realized that gravy isn’t vegetarian. So I looked up gravy and the one I ate today may be vegetarian because its from a package. Surprisingly lots of gravy from the packet is vegetarian. I’m unsure if I have cheated today, but I definitely cheated on Tuesday when I had a poutine with chicken gravy. I didn’t even question if that was vegetarian or not until today.                                                                   Fact of the Day: GRAVY ISN’T VEGETARIAN (only sometimes)!

Day 6

Today I went to Subway for lunch with my group of friends. When it was time to order, my first impulse was to get a chicken bacon ranch sub, but my usual order would not suffice. I glanced at the menu and realized that there was little choice for vegetarian options. It was either a veggie sub, cream of broccoli soup, or a salad. At least with the little variety it makes it easier to order.

Day 7

So my parents ordered pizza tonight and they neglected to get a pizza (or half of one) without pepperoni or chicken on it. I had cereal for dinner and regretted doing this challenge. The veggie diet might not be for me…

Day 8

So today we decided to stop at a Thai restaurant for lunch and I ordered the veggie option for the soup I was getting. I was not conscious of my food order and ordered crab rangoo which has meat in it. I ate it anyways after I realized…

I also discovered what is in imitation crab. According to wikipedia it’s a processed seafood made of finely pulverized white fish flesh. YUM!

Day 9

I still had to be conscience of my eating but I didn’t have to limit my options today. My diet today was actually vegan, which makes up for yesterday eating the imitation crab. I’m starting to realize that my regular diet doesn’t consist of as much meat as I’ve previously thought.

Day 10

My mom, brother, and I went to Deluxe for dinner and I looked at the menu. Zero of the main dishes had a vegetarian option and I was limited to drinks, a milkshake, or fries. The fries aren’t even that good without the special sauce which has meat in it. Fries and a milkshake wasn’t that bad, but I felt like I wasn’t getting the full deluxe experience.

Day 11

So, I went to subway for the third time this month and I again had the same thing as the other couple of times. Veggie subs don’t have a lot of substance when compared to other subs there. Before I was vegetarian, I always had a chicken bacon ranch sub, or a meatball sub. The meat at Subway is questionable at best, maybe it’s a good idea that I eat vegetarian there.

Day 12

Today, I went to a buffet which had a variety of dishes including lots of chicken and beef. I was good to avoid the ones with meat or fish in the dish, but I grabbed some pasta. The pasta had a meat sauce which I wasn’t aware of until I got to the table with my food and took a bite. I wasn’t going to waste it so I ate the pasta. After doing this I consciously ate two meatballs. I told myself it was “cheat day” which contradicts what I was doing.  I

Day 13

To make up for yesterdays little mishap, I didn’t eat dairy for the day. I don’t think I could last a week on a vegan diet. Maybe that’ll be my next challenge seeing that I cheated on this challenge. Hopefully I don’t cheat again on this challenge. Everyone deserves a second chance at something. I am granting myself that second chance.

Day 14

I think meat sauce on pasta is going to kill me. Everyone puts meat in their sauce in restaurants and it sucks. I love me some pasta! No sauce sucks! On the upside I went to a restaurant where there were lots of vegetarian options. I find it’s more popular to be vegetarian in this day in age and it is becoming more convenient for vegetarians which is great for those who choose this way of eating.

Day 15

Today I was really craving poutine which is really bad when I’m doing this challenge. Then I remembered my friend telling me that the Harvey’s poutine is vegetarian because the gravy isn’t meat. So I bought one and it was so delicious! I was tempted to buy a burger with a double patty, and maybe a chicken burger too. The consciousness part of this project has really set in.

Day 16

My family was vegetarian too today. I don’t know about lunch but they had omelettes for dinner. However, I hate omelettes and ate a bowl of cereal for dinner. Being a vegetarian and not liking eggs don’t pair well together.

Day 17

Today meat grossed me out. I was around meat and wasn’t feeling left out from eating something delicious. This is the way I would prefer to feel for the entirety of this month because I’m feeling like I’m left out from the whole meat thing this month. Anyways today was a good day for my vegetarianism.

Day 18

Yesterday I did not crave meat, but today wasn’t that fun. We went to a fast food place and all I could eat was fries or a salad. I miss meat! We will see how I feel tomorrow.

Day 19

Today was fine. I had my regular lunch which coincidently is vegan most of the time even before this challenge. I don’t really have a very diverse diet for lunch as I don’t really like sandwiches, yogurt, or milk in my lunch.

Day 20

The big event of today was pizza. I had some veggie pizza and it was fine, I don’t really like pepperoni on my pizza that much anyways. The only thing is that I have a large distaste for olives and they are everywhere on veggie pizza.

Day 21

Today I watched Cowspiracy a documentary about the environmental impacts of eating meat. It was kind of ironic that this month I had set a challenge for myself to eat vegetarian for a month with the intent finding facts about the environmental side of eating meat. The movie re-inspired me to choose the vegetarian option. I think I could manage being a flexitarian.

Day 22

My mother made hamburgers today and they looked delicious, it would have been great if I could have eaten them. I don’t mind being vegetarian but when everyone around you is eating something delicious, it’s hard to sit there with your veggies and bread.

Day 23

Today was pretty uneventful as I was still making conscious choices to eat a vegetarian diet but I wasn’t tempted by anything. It was nice to have no temptations again.

Day 24

I ate some salad and cereal today while my family had chicken. It looked really good. When your family isn’t on board with your diet restrictions, its a lot harder to eat with restrictions like vegetarianism. I know I’m not going to have an allergic reaction from meat or anything like that. It makes it more tempting to eat meat.

Day 25

I went out for fast food today and was not feeling fresh when the only option was a salad or fries. I don’t like being vegetarian at fast food joints.

Day 26

Today was pretty uneventful again but I want to say that the vegetarian life is not the life for me.

Day 27

Today I thought I would have a matcha tea and a vegan donut which I barfed up and will never drink again. Me and veggies aren’t that great of friends sometimes.

Day 28

Daily dose of insight: I realized that chronically my challenge is actually pretty repetitive and tedious for me.

Day 29

Daily dose of insight: I’m not doing this vegetarian thing no more. I enjoy a nice flexitarian lifestyle filled with lower than moderate amounts of meat. Thanks.

Day 30

To recap my experience, I didn’t really enjoy going vegetarian as much as I would like to. I have missed burgers, anything chicken, poutine, pasta sauce, and seafood. There was a lot of stuff that I missed but it wasn’t that much of a lifestyle change and in the future I will continue to make conscious choices about my eating and try to avoid meat more often.